Product - JIB Cranes

Meltech Jib cranes are ideal solution for loading unloading jobs on work station/ machine tools or for dispatch sections for loading unloading from trucks. Jib Crane are design and manufactured as per IS:15419

  • Capacities ranging from 1t to 5t and jib radius from 3m to 8m.
  • Self supporting (Pillar mounted) jib crane with 180o to 300o rotation.
  • Column / wall mounted Jib Cranes with 180o rotation.
  • Plate welded box type Jib Arm with wide flange for stability & less deflection / vibrations.
  • Mast machined in one setting after fabrication ensuring concentricity and easy slewing.
  • Antifriction Roller and Thrust bearing at top and bottom suspension for easy rotation with full load.
  • Option for electric chain hoist with motorized trolley of INDEF/ Equivalent make for small loads.
  • Option for Motorized slewing arrangement with 300o.

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