About Us

Track Record Towards Great Future

  • Meltech Cranes is privileged to be associated with some of the most respected names in the Corporate World which are in core sector industries such as Steel, Aluminium, Cement etc, where the cranes are used in production line. More than 100 cranes are designed, manufactured and installed by us throughout the country.

Design Capabilities

  • Meltech Cranes have a strong design & development Team to undertake any specialised application challenges with a fully computerized design department backed by a well qualified and highly experienced team of engineers in material handling equipments.
    Exposure to national and international standards, computer aided crane design software, computer aided drawings are the company's engineering strength.

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Meltech Cranes got excellent manufacturing facilities with E.O.T. cranes installed at our Ambernath plant, which are capable to handle manufacturing heavy assemblies & long girders. In addition, we are in the process of building one more manufacturing works near to our present plant for future expansion, which is nearing completion. A strong vendor base to outsource components / parts to meet the delivery requirements of quality products.

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